John 15

John 15
‘I am the vine, you are the branches'

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Narrative for the PAO Project

Jen Lesea-Ames is an entrepreneur who also underwent 2 PAO's for bilateral hip dysplasia. Over the last year, we connect via facebook. Since she was a surgery ahead of me, she was one of my mentors.
Jen created the PAO Project since there there is little information about adult hip dysplasia and the hip preservation surgery, Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO), especially from a patient’s perspective. In fact, when searching online for “hip dysplasia,” there is more information about canine hip dysplasia vs. human hip dysplasia!
While I have been open through my journey in my diagnosis and the surgeries I have undergone, I have kept my internal struggles private to those closest to me. The struggle of living in chronic pain midlife as a wife, parent, and career woman. The struggle of seeking a diagnosis as each specialist dismissed me, and the struggle to rehabilitate post surgery.
However, as I wrote my narrative, PAO Project Narratives , I realized that I need to share my journey. Living 28 months in chronic pain is real.... not being diagnosed for 2 years is real... the struggle of watching all that you've worked for slip away is real.... and the fact that there are other people out there living this hell is also real. It's time to spread the word about what hip dysplasia is and what the symptoms are in hopes of reducing the diagnosis time and increasing PAO surgery awareness.
Now that I am 4 weeks post op, I am assured that choosing to have bilateral PAO's was the right thing to do. I expect a near full recovery and to be able to resume most things I was able to do prior to the onset of my symptoms. I am incredibly thankful in my faith in God, to all my PAO mentors, my family, and my close friends. I am also thankful to work for a company that has made accommodations for me.
If anything, please take a moment to read what symptoms of hip dysplasia are.Hip Dysplasia Signs and Symptoms