John 15

John 15
‘I am the vine, you are the branches'

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weeks 10, 11, 12, and 13 -- "Stealth Walking"

As 4 weeks motor on by, I have clearly been negligent with blogging.  The first 8 weeks post op was full of exciting changes whereas these last few weeks have been more about PT, integration, and enjoying my new hip.

I have had to set my pride aside and come to terms that the cardio that I am able to do may not be the most fitting for a 30 year old. I have been able to walk without assistance for a few weeks now while in the house, but am still limited in how far I can go without assistance once I leave the house as my left hip/leg tires out quickly.

This week I have decided to buck everybody else and their healthy hips and carefree stairs. I pulled out my walker for a day walk and just kept on smiling because it felt so good! To walk in the sun light with the birds chirping and blue skies....  Previous to this, I was "Stealth Walking" at night trying to hide that I am 30 speeding along the gravel using a walker.

So here's what I have to say.....

Runners with the odd stairs- I was you too once before. Be careful because Karma is something else. I once too thought I was invincible.

To those under 70 passing me in their car knee jerking their head to look at me... watch for kids. I know I am young and irresistible, but for gosh darn, we do have kids walking to school. Don't hit them otherwise I will run over you with my walker.

And to the older people in my neighborhood using canes or walkers on their morning walks... I love you all. Now I realize how very awesome you are just getting out there and doing it.

Don't let pride stand in the way or embarrassment. Perhaps if I cared just a bit less I could be that much stronger and lighter right now. I am now able to walk 2 miles. At the start, I could barely make it around the block.

As for my weight, my body doesn't care that I had surgery. The "Under Construction  - Don't Gain Weight Sign" has had just the opposite effect. Having surgery around the holidays does not help the situation. Throughout this whole process I have only put on 10 lbs. That is from the onset of symptoms a year and a half ago. I have mostly been able to maintain through diet and some exercise. What exercise I was able to do was greatly reduce July 2014 at which point I put the 5 lbs on. Post surgery is where I gained the other 5 lbs.

It is time now time for me to push myself to do exercises that I may deem embarrassing for my age group. This isn't a show recovery. This is my own personal journey. At some time our another each person will have their own battle to fight and we should not feel constrained my societies image of what we should be doing.

My tips for weeks 10 through 13

1. Your new hip will start to feel really good. There will be days that you feel like a super hero ready to fly just to be smacked down the next couple of days for doing too much. It's normal to test the limits, but then be patient and let your body recover if you've done too much.

2. Don't drop the crutch too soon. Each surgeon will have their own protocol. Mine is on the more conservative side. I am able to walk without a crutch but tire quickly and start limping. I prefer to not force myself past this point. This surgery is complicated enough and my PT has been very specific about what muscles we bring back online and when. Therefore, I don't hesitate to use the crutch when I hit that point as not to stress the muscles.

3. In this stage, you will have different muscle aches every day. This is normal. I picked up a good portable heating pad called theraphore off of amazon prime. It is the bomb. I also use dry needle to help through this stage and of course sleep on my biomat every night- which also greatly helps along with foam rolling.

Most of all, don't be embarrassed by whatever stage you are in. I did not think I would be, but quickly found out that once I could start moving I was. I did not want to use certain tools, like the walker, since it was out of my age group. But as another 5 lbs slowly crept on, I realize that my health and rehab are far more important than the awkward stairs or inquisitive comments from people.

Rock the fact that you had dysplasia and chose to undergo one of the most evasive surgeries to fix it. You are a PAO Warrior...