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John 15
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Must Have POST PAO Items

Okay people, I am going to give you the skinny straight on what items have best helped me post PAO.  I am cheap, I don't like to spend money, so if I have it listed- then it's probably a pretty important items to at least think about.

1.  Mobilegs Ultra - Amazon
These crutches are hands down the best crutches I have ever used.  To start off with, I am a klutz... but on these I can glide on.  The Ultra's are a must since the top crutch pad is more mesh like providing ventilation. Also because they are mesh, they do not dig into your armpits. The handles also adjust to your liking.  Don't bother trying another crutch... these are the way to go...

2. Rollator Walker with Seat & Basket
This was not my favorite walker the first 3 weeks. However, once my glute and lower SI joint pain subsided it became my best friend at home.  I was able to zoom around the house, carry stuff in the basket and on the seat, sit down when I needed to, cook meals and put them on my seat for transport. It folds easily if you choose to take it out of the house. Indoors, this is my go to!

3.  TED Compression Stockings
Also loved having these in the hospital and home. It helped to reduce post surgery swelling and pain. I highly suggest you buy more than 1 pair, I bought 2 since they will have to be washed. I wore them for about 2 weeks, but some people have to wear up to 5.

4. Arnica Tablets
With the recommendation of my natropath, I took arnica tablets a week before surgery and then continued until the swelling and pain went down. These tablets naturally help reduce inflammation without slowing bone growth like anti-inflammatories would.  Post surgery, I had no bruising and the post surgery swelling I had went down within a week.  Of course, before taking these please check with your doctor.

5.  Indoor Bike Trainer
LOVE- LOVE - LOVE THIS!  I was able to start riding with no resistance 10 days post op. This helped to keep the hip joint fluid. Trainer was easy to put together and as for the resistance will get back to you on that. Husband didn't hook it up knowing I would push my limit.

6.  Yoga Non Slip Socks
These are also a must... after being sawed open, screws inserted, and drugged up the last thing you want to do is slip and fall on the shiny hospital floor. Do yourself a favor and buy some. I also wore them at home to avoid slipping in the kitchen/bathrooms, etc. They are also comfortable.

7.  Grip N Grab
Please, buy yourself 3 of these if not more. You WILL need them. I only have 2, but could really use 1 more. I drop stuff all the time and for the first 4 weeks was unable to bend down to pick stuff back up.  I've picked up everything from my pesky phone to my travel cup of coffee with these things.

8. Hip Ice Pack
I did not get an ice machine- I kept it simple. Heat was more my friend than ice. However, this ice pack is definitely one of the better ones.  I am able to use it on the outside of my waste, inner adductor muscle, back and buttox region.  Highly recommended. The outer covering is also nice and the straps are long so you can adjust to location.

9. CoCo Care Vitamin E Oil
This stuff is the real deal... it is thick, goes on strong, and has visibly reduced the appearance of my scar.  I have also started using it around my eyes and forehead to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

10. Recliner (sorry no link- picked mine up at an estate sale)
Any recliner that you find, get.  You will be flopping around like a fish the first few weeks. Some of my best naps were in the recliner.

11. Bed Rest Pillow
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Just get one... you will be so finicky after surgery that you will require 40 different pillows to get comfortable.

12. 4 position support pillow
Another must have.  I used this for under my legs post surgery to reduce pressure on my lower back. I also use it as a pillow for my head. This is also great if you are able to sleep on your non-operated side, I throw this between my legs and am able to nod off for a bit. Really... it's 4 in 1... so worth it and it has held up really well!

13. Carex Round Cervical Pillow
I literally brought this pillow to the hospital to use instead of those flat things that they give you.  At home, it also helps to provide support with my lower back or neck.. told you you will become a pillow feen.

14. Long Handle Razer
You can make your own, but this is rather cool. I did not think about how I would shave my legs... epic fail- but hey that's what amazon prime is for!

15. Shower Bench
You will NOT be able to stand and take a shower. You will be on drugs, tipsy and just need to sit your but down. Get you a shower bench so you're not putting your newly formed hip at risk of falling and damaging what has been done and honestly, you will be too darn tired to stand.

16. Long Shoe Horn
You may get this in the hospital... but this tool is awesome! If you don't get one, buy one! Must have if you want to wear something other than slip ons which might bunch up on you anyway.

17. Sock Aid
For the first few weeks, it will be VERY hard for you to put your own shoes and socks on... therefore, I also suggest this!

Below are a few suggestions for the hospital, which I have already blogged about here:

1. 2 night gowns
2. Don't bother with underwear- your incision will take precedence
3. Something 2 sizes larger for you to go home in because of swelling
4. Long cables for your phone and computer.
5. Starbucks Insta Coffee
Don't leave home without it... you NEVER can guess what kind of coffee they will serve you.
6. In addition to that, you will want Chamomile and Peppermint tea to deal with the upset stomach
7. Peppermint Candy and throw away tooth brushes
8. For your nice nurses, 5 dollar gift cards

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